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We are trying to raise $1,000

in the next month!

We have a lot of exciting projects coming up, such as:
The Community UpGarden Chalk Art Party
Scheduled for June, we're gearing up for a completely free community art party to reunite our wonderful Seattle artists post-vaccination in an outdoor, socially discanced location in order to decorate the beautiful Queen Anne UpGarden!
Project Marker
A cross collaborative video series featuring local musicians and dancers as we document our rapidly changing city. We are also currently seeking musicians and dancers who are passionate about what these changes mean for themselves and others, social activism and awareness, and secret, interesting, or disappearing places within the city of Seattle.
Fall Art Show and Damfino Fundraiser
This will be both a public and ticketed event made to showcase our amazing local arts community and to help them after a year of shut downs from covid. We will also be raising funds for Damfino through auctions, artwork sales, and donations for our future large-scale projects!

why are donations so important?

Every dollar donated to us goes straight to supporting our local Pacific Northwest arts community. With your generous support, we are able to create art exhibitions, dance and music performances, and educational and community building events. We thank you for your kind consideration.
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