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The Only thing you see now

july 2020

Seattle Dance collective,


Gemma Dee Alexander. Review: Blog

Alexander, Gemma Dee. "Seattle Dance Collective Continues with The Only Thing You See Now." Gemma Dee Alexander. July 13, 2020. Seattle, WA.

Seattle Dances. Article: Review:

Tofil, Lynn. "Continuum Continues." Seattle Dances. July 15, 2020. Seattle, WA.

Crosscut. Article

Vansynghel, Margo. "Seattle Parks Become Stages for Pop-Up Dance Performances." Crosscut. August 6, 2020. Seattle, WA.

The Stranger. Article: Review

Smith, Rich. "Seattle Dance Collective Presents Touching Films At a Time When We're Not Supposed to Be Touching." The Stranger. July 20, 2020. Seattle, WA.

Arts Air. Article: Review:

Sucato, Steve. "Seattle Dance Collective's Dance Film Series 'Continuum: Bridging the Gap' is Satisfying Viewing." Arts Air. August 14,, 2020. Seattle, WA.

Seattle Society Page. Article

Huizinga, Madison. "Seattle Dance Collective Premiers 'Continuum: Bridging the Gap'." Seattle Society Pages. July 19, 2020. Seattle, WA.

Seattle Refined. Article

Hutchinson, Chase. "Seattle Dance Company Releases Five Short Films Produced in Quarantine." Seattle Refined. August 14, 2020. Seattle, WA.

Seattle C-ID murals

june 2020

chinatown international district,

downtown seattle

Northwest Asian WeeklyArticle: Photo Gallery

Ng, Assunta."Protest Aftermath - Over 100 Artists Lift Up Seattle's Chinatown." Northwest Asian Weekly. June 11, 2020. National News.

CoVID-19 Murals

april 2020

pioneer square, downtown seattle

The GuardianArticle: Photo Gallery

Hipple, Mike."Seattle Artists Create Murals on Shuttered Stores." The Guardian. April 28, 2020. National News.

The Seattle Times. Article: Photo Gallery

Sherrard, Jean."Artists Fill the Bleak Streets of  a Locked-Down Seattle with Vibrancy and Life." Pacific Northwest Magazine: The Seattle Times. July 19, 2020. Seattle, WA.

CNN. Video Clip via YouTube

"Washington Set to Reopen." Erin Burnett Show: CNN. May 7, 2020. National News.

City Lifestyle. Article: Photo Gallery

Hargesheimer, Mindy. "The Power of Street Art.City Lifestyle. April 2020. Kansas City, MO.

Seattle Community MediaVideo Interview via YouTube

Obrien, Janet Christensen. "Video Interview #1." Public Interest Issues Show: Seattle Community Media.

       April 11, 2020. Seattle, WA.

Daily Motion. Video Interview

Obrien, Janet Christensen. "Video Interview #2." Daily Motion. April 23, 2020. Seattle, WA.

wash of Gray & Skid road gallery

november 2019

pacific northwest ballet

mccaw hall, seattle

NW Theatre. Article: Review

Anderson, Chase D. "With a Trio of Inventive New Works, PNB's 'Locally Sourced' is Ballet for We Who Don't 'Do the Ballet'." NW Theatre. November 16, 2019. Seattle, WA.

The Stranger. Article: Review

Smith, Rich. "PNB Presents a Trove of Local Art and Dance - Some of It is Very Good!" The Stranger. November 15, 2019. Seattle, WA.

Gemma Dee Alexander. Article: Review, Blog

Alexander, Gemma Dee. "Wash of Gray, Locally Sourced at PNB." Gemma Dee Alexander. November 15, 2019. Seattle, WA.

Bachtrack. Article: Review

Kiraly, Philippa. "Creative Highs are Locally Sourced in Seattle." Bachtrack. November 11, 2019. Seattle, WA.

Crosscut. Article: Review

Kurtz, Sandra. "Pacific Northwest Ballet Goes Locals-Only.Crosscut. November 5, 2019. Seattle, WA.

Critical Dance. Article: Review

Speer, Dean. "Pacific Northwest Ballet: Locally Sourced." Critical Dance. November 9, 2019. Seattle, WA.

KUOW. Article: Review

Sillman, Marcie. "Marcie Sillman's Weekend Culture Picks, November 8-10." KUOW: NPR. November 8, 2019. Seattle, WA.

And Another Thing.... Article: Review, Blog

Sillman, Marcie. "Moving, Feeling, Thinking." And Another Thing.... November 12, 2019. Seattle, WA.

Eclectic Arts. Article: Review, Blog

Sugiyama, Mark. "LOCALLY SOURCED - Pacific Northwest Ballet 11/8/19." Eclectic Arts. November 8, 2019. Seattle, WA.

Seattle Met. Article: Review

Davis, Darren. "'Locally Sourced' Will Surprise You." Seattle Met. November 12, 2019. Seattle, WA.

The Seattle Times. Article: Review

Burbank, Megan. "In PNB's 'Locally Sourced,' Ballerinas Dance Through Heartbreak, Pregnancy, and Onstage Rain." Seattle Times. November 12, 2019. Seattle, WA.

Melody Datz Hansen. Article: Review

Hansen, Melody Datz. "'Letters from Home: A Review of PNB's Locally Sourced." Melody Datz Hansen. November 8, 2019. Seattle, WA.

Seattle PI. Article: Review

Lopez, Xavier, Jr. "Locally Sourced at PNB is a Mixed Bag of Very Highs and Also Some Lows - Pretty Much Like Life." Seattle PI. November 11, 2019. Seattle, WA.

Official PNB Blog. Article: Interview

Pacific Northwest Ballet. "Wash of Gray: A Wealth of Local Artists." Pacific Northwest Ballet Blog. October 24, 2019. Seattle, WA.

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